Библиотека и ресурсный центр школы "Летово"


Популярный инновационный ресурс для TOK, который поддерживает учителей и учеников по всему миру

theoryofknowledge.net is the world’s most popular and innovative online resource for TOK, supporting thousands of teachers and learners around the globe. We are passionate about teaching the course properly, and believe that TOK should be about –

• Knowledge questions explored via up-to-the-minute events & issues
• First-hand contact with thinkers and their ideas
• Beautifully designed, media-rich lessons, that engage and provoke
• Being readily adaptable to different cultural and intellectual contexts
• Challenging the assumptions and biases of learners and teachers
• A course that genuinely brings together the different strands of the DP
• Never opening the pages of a textbook

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