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Research Skills

Подборка книг по исследовательским навыкам издательств Harper Collins и Palgrave Macmillan в электронном каталоге библиотеки

Издательство Harper Collins, серия Academic Skills Series

Research: Improve Your Reading and Referencing Skills (Williams Anneli, 2013)

Presenting: Deliver Academic Presentations with Confidence (Burton Graham, 2013)

Lectures: Learn Academic Listening and Note-Taking Skills (Aish Fiona, Tomlinson Jo, 2013)

Writing: Learn to Write Better Academic Essays (Van Geyte Els, 2013)

Numbers: Statistics and Data for the Non-Specialist (Willoughby Dawn, Rogers Louis, 2013)

Group Work: Work Together for Academic Success (McMahon Patrick, 2013)

Издательство Palgrave Macmillan, серия Palgrave Study Skills

The Study Skills Handbook (Cottrell Stella, 2013)

How to Write Better Essays (Greetham Bryan, 2013)

The Mature Student’s Guide to Writing (Rose Jean, 2012)

The Student’s Guide to Writing: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (Peck John , Coyle Martin, 2012)

The Undergraduate Research Handbook (Wisker Gina, 2009)

How to Write Your Undergraduate Dissertation (Greetham Bryan, 2009)

Study Skills Connected (Cottrell Stella, Morris Neil, 2012)

Cite Them Right: The Essential Referencing Guide (Pears Richard, Shields Graham, 2013)

Полезные материалы по исследовательским навыкам

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